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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
We are pleased to announce that we have a Fish Fry at the lodge again. Boosters Buoy is our new provider.

Next Fish Fry: March 23, 2018 5-8 pm

Brothers and sisters; it has been brought to the board's attention that the staff of Booster's Buoy has been treated with less than the respect they deserve by some members. This is unacceptable! We have a unique situation at the lodge; most restaurant kitchens are designed with the seating capacity in mind. Our seating capacity is well beyond the capabilities of our kitchen, no matter how much it is staffed. Food can only be cooked so fast. In a regular restaurant you may have to wait for a table, sometimes over an hour, thereby spreading the orders out over a longer period of time. By us, the sheer number of orders given to the kitchen in a short period of time may require a wait of over an hour for food. The net result is the same. PLEASE be patient. Please do not enter the kitchen to complain or inquire about your food. Every distraction will just slow things down. We are working with Booster's Buoy to figure out how to better accommodate the membership. At the end of the day, the kitchen staff are guests in our lodge and should be treated as such.

Your Board of Officers
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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As I close out my first month as your Administrator, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and patience as I fumble through. But here we are, a month closer to knowing what the heck I am doing. Only 37 to go. There is much to learn and many more mistakes to be made, and I plan on making them all. Hopefully I can come away with my sense of humor in tact. I'll let you know in 37 months.

Start looking for Summer sports sign-ups on the Sports Board in the social quarters. Horseshoes and golf leagues have meetings coming up in April. Check out the calendar and news sections of this page to find out more about all of the fun things we have going on at our lodge. If you have an idea for some event, PLEASE bring it to a membership meeting. We would love some fresh ideas, and the more people get involved, the more fun we have.

As the great philosopher William S. Preston once said: “Be excellent to each other”. Words to live by for sure.

Fraternally yours,

Kevin Wishau - Administrator
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