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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Trivia Night
We will be having another Trivia Night on January 25. Put that useless knowledge on display and win prizes. Starts about 8:00 pm.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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“Why do you need to see my membership card every time I come in?”

Here is the text, taken directly from the "General Laws".

Chapter 50 - Private Lodge and Social Quarters Operation

Sec. 50.1 - General Regulations - All government rules and regulations regarding the conduct and operation of all organizations and/or social quarters shall be strictly observed.

Sec. 50.2 - Admission Regulations –
1. All active members of the Order shall be admitted to the social quarters of any lodge of the Loyal Order of Moose unless his or her privileges have been suspended in accordance with the laws of the Order.
2. Only the following persons may be admitted as a "qualified guest' into the social quarters or home of any lodge of the Order:
a: An active lodge or chapter member's spouse. (Note - There are no limits on the number of times a spouse may be admitted as a guest.)
b: An active lodge or chapter member’s immediate family. (Note – There are no limits on the number of times a spouse or qualified family member under the age of 21 may be admitted as a guest, however, all other immediate family members would be limited to two visits as they now qualify as a prospective member of the person signing them into the social quarters.)
c: A prospective member is defined as any guest that is accompanied by a member who can sponsor them for membership in the Order, with the exception listed in 2 (a) of this section. As permitted by the House Committee, a prospective member may be admitted subject to the following:
(1) The prospective member is accompanied at all times by his or her sponsor.
(2) The prospective member is properly signed in as a guest.
(3) The prospective member shall not make purchases.
(4) The prospective member shall leave when his or her sponsor leaves.
(5) The prospective member shall be limited to two (2) visits.
3. All adult guests of members must be signed in as a guest and leave when the member leaves.
4. Only active members of the Order, whose active membership has been verified, are permitted to make purchases. Unless prohibited by local law, the sale of refreshments to qualified minor family guests is permitted. It is the responsibility of the House Committee to ensure that all persons entering the lodge home and social quarters are either active members or qualified guests. It is recommended that the House Committee adopt a method of distinguishing members and guests to prevent guests from inadvertently making purchases.
5. Members shall at all times be responsible for the conduct of their guests.
6. Gentlemanly/ladylike (orderly) conduct is required of all persons in the social quarters or home at all times.
7. The Supreme Council may adopt additional rules and regulations for the operation of social quarters by Moose lodges and these rules and regulations shall be effective as provided in the written action of the Supreme Council.
8. Each member of the Order shall submit proof of membership when requested by any member of the House Committee or its authorized person.
9. Using the social quarters for any lodge or chapter community service activity is prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the General Governor.

The term "guest" includes non-member spouses. A member in expired status shall not enter any lodge except to pay dues. An expired member does not qualify to be admitted as a guest.

Fraternally yours,

Kevin Wishau - Administrator
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