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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
This is to let you know the first membership meeting of the month will now be at 6:00 pm
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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It’s finally summer, but you couldn’t tell with the weather we’ve been getting. The outside Leagues have started and the Oasis is open for your convenience. The League schedules are posted in the Social Quarters and also outside and on the website. Since our Lodge has started a new fiscal year May 1st we’ve signed a few new members. If your a current member or a new member you can help the Lodge become a Premiere Lodge Award winner. Signing up a new member is one way you can help. If you sponsor two new members you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 gift card from the Wisconsin Moose Association.
On July 19th come to the Lodge for breakfast and meet the current Board of Officers. They’ll be in the kitchen serving all you can eat for $7.50 and includes juice, milk, and coffee.
On August 22nd the Lodge is having our annual Picnic. You must be a member in good standing to attend. You will be asked to show your card in order to enter. We’re serving brats, hamburgers, hot dogs and fries for a small fee. Corn, soda and beer is free. Come out and join the fun and meet
other members of the Lodge. This is one of the biggest fund raisers of the year and our only raffle. Your picnic tickets will come in the mail and if you don’t purchase them yourself please sell them. It helps the lodge out and cuts down the cost of the picnic. As always I want to thank all of you being a member of this great fraternity.
Fraternally Yours,
John Buchaklian - Administrator
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