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Monday, December 28, 2020
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New Year's Eve: Closed
New Year's Day: 10am for Horseshoe tournament
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Administrator's Message
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2020 was a, shall we say, challenging year? We were forced to deal with a 2 ½ month mandatory shutdown, and the still ongoing pandemic plaguing the world. We have capacity limits and mask mandates and disinfecting, oh my. Revenue is down. Luckily, our lodge has been on solid financial ground. So much so, that we were able to put a silver lining on an otherwise ugly storm cloud. The oasis was painted and looks fabulous. The smoking room got some updates. We also had the ability to take care of some long overdue, major issues at the lodge. The kitchen needed some substantial work. The current situation created a slowdown, which created an opportunity for the necessary work to be less disruptive. The necessary work created the opportunity for other improvements. There is still much work to be finished. Also the parking lot was fixed. Another long and painful project, but these things never happen as fast as some like to think they will, or should. Thank you to everyone that took part in the continuing improvements and operations of the lodge.

I was thinking about the parking lot recently, as I’m sure you all were too. I was also thinking of how the parking lot is metaphorical to the lodge as a whole, and beyond really. A lot of planning had to go into it. Opinions were heard and discussed, and a plan made. Work began, and as more was learned, smarter opinions changed the plan for the better. Paving was completed. The old parking layout was good, but can we improve it? A plan was created and work began. Once again, smarter opinions changed the plan. The lines were drawn and clear, but there are still those that have a hard time following them. Maybe they heard the opinions of the less informed that the lines were drawn in the wrong places. Maybe they don’t understand what the lines mean. Maybe they don’t even believe that the lines exist. Or maybe they are just bad drivers. I don’t know.

What is the moral here? Never buy fish from a clown.

Good night and good luck. Peace! Kevin out…

Fraternally yours

Kevin Wishau - Former Administrator
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